This is a blog dedicated to the Great (lakes) State of Michigan, written by two native Michiganders – the CL, and MI.J.Blogger.

Our plan is to bring you a little bit of everything Michigan … from its beautiful, natural landscape, awesome vacation spots, all-American culture, hunting & fishing … to local sports, events, business, and politics.

You’ll notice the blog is currently attached to The Classic Liberal Blog, a purely political blog with a strong “right-wing” attitude.  If your politics aren’t quite so hard-core, stick around anyways … because you’ll find that Michigan Blogger has its own, unique blend, with a much wider variety of topics.

We believe in FREE SPEECH, and would love people of all opinions to join the conversation by commenting on anything that comes to your mind!   As our new blog grows, we’ll be updating everything accordingly, but in the mean time, if you’d to know more about our privacy and comments policies, please click here.

This blog is a work in progress, and we thought what better way to do it, than to have you grow along with us as we blog!  We look forward to bringing you many more features in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by, and please stop by again and again!