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There’s too much negative news in Michigan these days.  Let’s see …

  • The Michigan State budget deficit is now $1.3 billion.
  • Residents of Macomb County get to pay higher taxes.
  • MEA’s cooking the books.
  • Want more government transparency? Well, only if you speak bureaucrat-ese.
  • C’mon, politicians don’t want transparency.  With more transparency, how would they continue getting away with voting against our state?

So before even bringing up the auto industry, let’s watch this funny video from The Onion (below the fold). Sometimes, you just gotta laugh at it all.  At this point, laughter may be the only way to keep your sanity intact.

News concerning the auto industry is dismal at best.  The government, with it’s incredible track-record of inefficiency, waste, and failure, is commandeering our beloved car companies.  They’ll be forced to make tiny, little “green cars,” that nobody wants, and Michigan will end up in a far worse situation than we are now.  It’s sad.

After soaking up billions in “bailout” dollars, Chrysler is officially filing for bankruptcy and merging with Italian auto maker Fiat.  And oh, goodie! The Obama Administration will bedictating what kind of cars Chrysler will have to build! As noted in The Detroit News:

The company will offer fewer trucks and a lot more cars … There is a market (for smaller cars) — you could look at the Mini or the Smart car — but, if you add all of it up, it does not make a profitable Chrysler.

Let me sum it all up for you.  Detroit is going to go from making fabulous cars like this:

Making matters worse, it appears the federal government is going to do the same thing to General Motors!  I mean, really … Will GM soon stand for ‘Government Motors’?

What the future holds for Michigan and our Motor City, nobody knows.  The federal control of General Motors is game changer:

How is a company like Ford supposed to compete with Government Motors- whenever they produce a better car, they have to worry that the government is going to subsidize cars produced by GM- or let’s say the Ford F-150 does really well- maybe the government will get upset and pass laws that make the Ford F-150 ‘environmentally’ incorrect? There are conflicts of interest all over the place with this arrangement, and no one is going to win.

No one, no country, has ever nationalized an industry in this manner- it is shocking. Not only that, but the deal that the government is forcing GM to take is also a mobster deal- the banks (who GM owes money to) and the shareholders (who invested in GM by buying its stock) get nothing out of this deal, and instead ownership of the company goes to the labor union and the government. This is organized looting of private companies by mobsters.

And all of this for what? To produce cars that are not competitive?

These sure are strange days, my friends … strange days indeed.



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