Check Out Michigan!

Michigan is one of the best kept secrets on the planet.  Strange … because we Michiganderssure do enjoy a fun and active culture.

Let’s take a random look at a few of the things that make Michigan awesome!


If you’ve never been snowmobiling (sledding), just do it!  The sport offers everything from pure exhilaration, all the way down to complete relaxation … letting you experience nature, in ways you may never otherwise.  And with over 6,000 miles of groomed trails, Michigan ishands down, among the worlds elite snowmobile playgrounds!

Michigan’s Great Motor Sport Secret:

Deep in the dead of winter, the folks in Atlanta (MI) are too busy having fun, to bother noticing the cold.  As host of the RallyAmerica racing circuit’s annual Sno*Drift Rally … life is good!


Sno-Drift Rally


It may be true that there’s a lot of things wrong with the Detroit auto industry, but in spite of the ill-informed, yet popular belief … making crappy cars isn’t one of them.

Detroit may not pump out manure-fueled “green cars,” or pretend that people prefer a go-cart sized automobile, powered by less horsepower than a lawnmower to transport their families … Detroit manufactures real, genuine All-American automobiles!


When push comes to shove, we Michiganders stick together, and look out for each other.  One of my favorite blogs, Michigan Taxes Too Much, is busy putting together a survival guide – just in case the recession continues to get worse.  Better to be safe than sorry …

If you’d like to help (wink, wink)click here and offer up some tips and tricks of your own.  The following is a list of suggestions (to help jog your mind):

  • Recipes for Foods that taste great but stretch the budget.
  • Stories of how you overcame debt and brought about positive change in a tough environment.
  • Other positive stories that prove we can be as tough as any in an economically challenging time.
  • Craft ideas which could be used to help able hands keep productive between jobs.
  • Locations of where to go if you need a meal.
  • Any other suggestion or experience that we can pass along to our brothers and sisters in Michigan (or elsewhere) which will guide them toward prosperity.

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