Warning: Tea Party Crashers Mean Business

The reports are out! ACORN (with the help of their paid protesters) plans to “crash” the parties!

Led by ACORN and the Huffington Post, many of the Cult of Obamagroups intend on infiltrating the Tea Parties, looking to cause trouble. They are looking for fights to break out and all kinds of possible violence. Don’t take this lightly either, ACORN is a professional agitation organization!

They’re angry that this is a genuine grassroots movement!  They hope to cause as much mayhem as possible, so the TV cameras can pick it up and run with it, and we know how the mainstream media loves to hammer a story like that … over and over and over again. Then they’ll say:

“Hey look, those Tea Parties are just a bunch of crazy wackos!”

Don’t expect the “crashers” to be obvious though …

Don’t expect to see them wearing pro-Obama t-shirts or anything.  Expect them to act as if they are against the bailouts and tax hikes.  If anything, they’ll most likely be wearing anti-Obama gear.  Why?  To infiltrate.  To be one of us.  This way, when they cause their trouble, it’ll make the genuine participants look bad, without anyone knowing it was them.

But let’s face it … even if the mainstream media did know it was them, they’d never report it that way!

Tips & Suggestions:

If someone tries to get confrontational with you, ignore them.  You may want to kick their ass, but that’s exactly what they want, so just ignore the troublemakers.

Be careful about any petitions you may sign.  They are notorious for giving false impressions about what you’re really signing.

If you see someone attempting confrontation with someone else, walk up, start talking with those being confronted, and just easily move the conversation in a friendly direction.  Don’t let these troublemakers win!

Remember, a fun, peaceful protest will cause greater change than any protest of anger.

Take pictures of the troublemakers so there’s a record of who they are.

Roger L. Simon has Some Great Advice to Offer:

… But if they intend to participate and shape events while hiding their identities, well, that’s another matter. The same is true of ACORN. I would say to them welcome. Demonstrate, counter demonstrate, do your thing. This is America. But if someone’s out to play the agents provocateurs game, trying to make the Tea Party movement seem to be what it’s not, painting libertarians as racists or similar nonsense, well, that deserves to be exposed and countered vigorously.

So my recommendation to Tea Party demonstrators as a former leftie is to tear a leaf from my old book. Keep your eye out for the most extreme characters and then ask yourself: Is that real? Is that person who he or she says he is? Cui bono, who profits, here from what they are saying or doing? Draw your conclusions (carefully!) and then act accordingly and completely within the law.

The Other McCain adds even More Valuable Advice:

The important thing to do here is think strategic while acting tactical.

Have a laugh. Do things in which you can take satisfaction.

Eschew things that will require fifteen minutes of explanation for the grandchildren.

Should someone preach violence against elected officials, shun them.

Remember, your name is Dennis, the Constitutional Peasant.

And via McCain’s post, Cynthia Yockey offers the following Most Excellent Piece of Practical Advice:

My advice as a former newspaper reporter is to obtain the name, phone number and e-mail address of anyone who wants to interview you, write it down and take their photo before you talk to them.