Back to The Farm

It’s no secret that along with the national economy, our Michigan economy is going to get much worse.  So finding ways to cut costs makes sense.  Besides, even if you’re not worried about the economy … gardening is fun!

back to farmGardens are popping up all over America, partly because of the “green movement.”

Hey, I may be a “global warming denier,” but you don’t need to “go green” to enjoy gardening.  You can do it for the improved quality and taste.  You can garden to be self-sufficient.  You can do it because you’re the type of person who thinks about next year, and the year after that – long-term.  Gardening is taking individual action!

Think about it … we all need to eat, right?  Then having your own healthy garden puts you in ownership of a significant asset!  Take the time to watch the 10 minute video below.

Reading the following article from is how I got thinking about gardening:

A return to the farm

Several small West Michigan farms are promoting the concept, which has developed successfully over the last 20 years on the East and West coasts.

Community Supported Agriculture comes in many varieties. It can range from paying in advance for a summer’s worth of produce to actually doing some of the farm work for a reduced cost when purchasing “shares, memberships or subscriptions” in the farm.

It helps farmers because they receive payment early in the season, which eases the farm’s cash flow … helps the local economy. Money that might have gone for produce raised in South America, now supports a West Michigan farmer …

It helps area residents as well, who are eating ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits … And there’s the sense of community that develops. When people share the risk — and the work — it creates a bond.

There’s an exchange of experiences, and even recipes, that helps strengthen relationships between people who live in the same community but might never interact.

Basically, here’s how Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) works:

A farmer offers “x” amount of “shares” to the public.  A share is usually a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included.  As the consumer, you purchase a share (or “membership”, “subscription”), and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

This isn’t a government program.  This is smart, self-sufficient people working together.  Looks like a smart idea all the way around.  Learn more about it and find participating Michigan farms near you at Local Harvest.

$6? Kwame Spits Detroits Face

nth to pay back Detroit a million dollars for costing the city millions of dollars when he fired three honorable police officers to hide his affair with Christine Beatty and lied in court about the whole thing.

He can only pay $6 a month because he is living the high and mighty lifestyle he was used to while being the “Hip Hop Mayor,” instead of being the “Trustworthy Mayor” he should have been.

He was ordered to pay $6,000 a month and now he is claiming he can’t afford it on his $10,000 a month salary. Cry me a river. Guess what Kilpatrick, that payment is like any other bill so you have to factor that into your budget. I know when you were mayor you used the city’s coffers to live like a rap star and pay for your “posse” to live the same lifestyle, but you don’t have the unlimited credit cards now.

If he violates the court order, through him in jail.

One of Kilpatrick’s lawyers has been quoted in various media saying:

“I don’t think he was ordered to live a more modest lifestyle.”  And: “Is it better Mr. Kilpatrick drives a beat-up Yugo?”

Can you believe the arrogance of Kilpatrick and his people? actually, seeing how King Kwame abused his power, fooled around on his wife, spent city money like it was his own and trampled anyone who got in his way, I can believe it.

He acted as the Lord of Detroit and Detroiters were his personal serfs.

According to a Detroit Free Press report, Kilpatrick spends $2,700 a month on rent and $900 on an Escalade lease. What a joke. Yes, he should be driving a beat up Yugo if it means he lives up to his legal obligations.

This is another Kilpatrick tactic to try to get sympathy. Poor Kwame, he can barely afford his expensive home and luxurious SUV because of the mean court system that had the nerve to hold him accountable for his actions.

Nothing is ever his fault. It’s the white people in the suburbs or the media or the governor. In his mind, he deserves to live “above” the common people and “how dare the legal system deny him a lavish living” even though he screwed the city for years. Actually, he thinks he did a great job as mayor. That is very sad.

Claiming he can only afford $6 a month is a spit in the face of Detroit. He doesn’t care about the city or its people. He never has and never will. Kilpatrick only cares about “King Kwame” and his image.

When he was released from jail, I said he should have the chance to work and I hoped he really woke up and would try to live up to his promises of making Detroit a better place.

Boy, I was really wrong. He just doesn’t get it, and I fear, he never will.

Until next time, enjoy Michigan and think of ways Detroit can spend that $6 a month.